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Who We Are

Leading with Ethics: Our Corporate Social Responsibility

We’re pioneering the sports betting and online gaming industry. With that privilege comes major responsibility—to our team, our customers, our partners, and the world.

We don’t take this duty lightly, which is why we’re building new tools, pushing for increased funding for research, and driving greater transparency in our work and the work of our partners. 

Supporting Bettors How They Need It: We all know the risks. Gambling can be addictive; for some, the habit verges on excessive or problematic. Some bettors will benefit from a bit more guidance, more ways to set limits, and access to dedicated resources that keep them safe. As more and more states legalize betting, the need for industry leaders to invest in customer safety becomes even more important. 

BetMGM: A Safe Bet

BetMGM is a new online sports betting platform filled with powerful tools that encourage more responsible gambling. Built around the principles of “real fairness, real security, and real prevention,” the site provides resources to help keep users safe, including:

  • Information on how to recognize problem gambling and links to outreach organizations
  • Powerful functionality to help bettors stay in control of how they play, including the option to limit deposits and wagers, to set time limits, to delay limit increases, and to decrease any existing limits 
  • The option to call a “time out” or even exclude yourself from play in case you need to cool off from gaming

Entain Changes for the Bettor

In 2018, Entain joined the National Council on Problem Gambling’s (NCPG) President’s Circle, a group of industry leaders who made a multiyear commitment to combating problem gambling and promoting responsible national standards. 

In 2019, Entain kicked off a sweeping initiative called “Changing for the Bettor.” This global, safer gambling strategy focuses on seven comprehensive principles: 

  • Understand the problem and its solutions
  • Educate key stakeholders
  • Promote responsible attitudes
  • Empower customers
  • Fund treatment
  • Champion responsible product design
  • Drive change within the business

Entain also launched the Entain Foundation U.S., which supports the NCPG’s work on behalf of American military personnel and veterans affected by gambling problems. 

MGM Resorts’ GameSense

Launched in 2017, MGM’s responsible gaming initiative, GameSense, recently surpassed 1 million customer interactions at its U.S. properties. The program facilitates positive, transparent, and proactive conversations about safe gambling. Developed and licensed by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation and recognized by the NCPG, this industry-leading program connects guests to trained staff at each MGM property. Guests can also:

  • Use interactive GameSense touchscreens
  • Access educational materials
  • Tap into additional online resources to help ensure safe and responsible gambling
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