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Tom Joyner Foundation and BetMGM Executive Series

Thank you for participating in the Tom Joyner Foundation + BetMGM Executive Series.

At BetMGM we are dedicated to supporting all communities represented within our organization. We understand that each card in the deck plays a unique role in any given hand, just as our employees each play a unique role in accomplishing our goals as a company. We strive to create a culture of empathy where our employees feel valued, heard, and comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work. We want to build a product and a workplace that reflects the communities we serve so that we can approach our work fearlessly, take responsibility when we get it wrong, and ante-up again. We play to win, and we are all-in together.

As part of our commitment to advancing workplace equality, we are excited to be partnering with the Tom Joyner Foundation Rivals program to provide career opportunities for HBCU students. Learn more about Rivals here.


Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Values


BetMGM is a market-leading sports betting and gaming entertainment company, pioneering the online gaming industry in the United States. Since our start in 2018, BetMGM has been a leader in responsible gambling and governance. We know that as we grow our business, so does our responsibility to our people.

This is why DEI is embedded in what we do and who we are—It is not separate, but lives within our core values.

  • Respect the Game, where transparency and trust are our foundation.
  • Show the Love, where we share connection through powerful and personal moments.
  • Know the Odds, where the best data available tells us that diversity, equity and inclusion position us to win.
  • Play to Win, where our people position us for greatness.

These serve as our guiding principles underpinning our shared commitment to continuous self-reflection, challenge and improvement in order to uplift each other and meet each other where we are at.  When we do, our understanding of our potential changes forever. When we do, we create a new history in sports, gaming and entertainment.

Who We Are

The mission of the Black Employee Network is to establish the inclusion and advancement of employees who identify as Black, of African descent, or Caribbean within our organization while cultivating impactful partnerships and strong community engagement outside of BetMGM.

Contribute To Our Culture

Our seven Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) based out of our Jersey City headquarters all strive to create a culture of connection and celebration of our people, our communities, and our company. All of our partnerships are established by our Employee Resource Groups, as they align to each group’s mission and annual goals. Whether the goals pertain to recruitment, or employee development, or charitable contributions to the community, each partnership has a positive impact on our people while connecting to make positive impact with local organizations as well.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Connect with our Talent Team

2023 Internship Application

Fill out your application for a chance to participate in our 2023 summer internship program!

If you attended the BetMGM x Tom Joyner Foundation Exec Series, we invite you to participate in our summer internship program exclusively in partnership with the Tom Joyner Foundations. Applications are open now for roles in Marketing, Product Design, Accounting, Analytics, HR, Social and more.

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