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Day in The Life

Spotlight: Roman Rubas, Technical Compliance, BetMGM

Roman’s BetMGM Value: Do What’s Right

As a technical compliance manager with coworkers around the world, Roman Rubas sometimes feels like he’s living in multiple time zones at once. But that global perspective is important, especially as New Jersey and the entire U.S. strive to keep up with countries where sports betting has been legal for a long time. Gaming continues to gain popularity and has become a regular part of the fan experience​, and Rubas predicts that more regulation will follow. And while regulation can feel complicated for the industry, for Rubas and his team at BetMGM, it’s an opportunity to learn from countries and states who already have a system in place.  

“Sports betting is fairly new in the U.S. New Jersey didn’t legalize it until 2018, so many concepts and scenarios are new to regulators. We’re looking to veteran states to understand onboarding and the new customer process, including geolocation and regulation, as we put protections in place,” he says.

We chatted with Roman about collaborating around the world, making the most of a long commute, and the BetMGM teams that keep him inspired each day.


5 a.m./An energetic start: I get an early start because I love to hit the gym first thing in the morning.

7 a.m./A productive commute: My commute is pretty long but also quite productive. I use my 90-minute train ride to take early meetings with BetMGM’s international offices in India and Europe. Several of the support services for my department are located in India, so it’s nice to catch up with them as they’re ending their work day and I’m starting mine.

8:30 a.m./Down to business: Once I’m in the office, my meetings continue. Most of them revolve around new states, technology rollouts, and making sure that product compliance is on track with the launch. Others often involve auditing, specifically following up on ISO audits and internal audits. Our auditing team is in Gibraltar, which is six hours ahead, so I have to take the time difference into account there, too. I also have daily check-ins with a few local groups each morning.

12:30 p.m/Refuel: If someone important is visiting, I’ll take them out to lunch at one of the spots near our Jersey City office, but for the most part I don’t take a typical lunch break. I prefer to snack between meetings and sometimes during phone calls.

2 p.m./A productive afternoon: After a busy morning, I finally have time to get work done. I usually respond to emails and follow up on action items from morning meetings.

5 p.m./Headed home: I always make—or, at least, try to make—the 5 p.m. train so I’m home by 7. On big game days, though, I’ll grab a drink with coworkers after work. We all get really into games since our lives pretty much revolve around sports. We also host company-wide events every month as a way to bond. The atmosphere and startup vibe of BetMGM is great. Everyone is really excited to be here, and we feed off of each others’ excitement.

7 p.m./Family time: I always spend time with my two kids before they go to bed. Once they’re asleep, my wife and I catch up on our favorite Netflix show of the moment—right now it’s the latest season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.


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At BetMGM Digital, we’ve gathered a team of people who are as passionate about sports as we are. We work hard and play hard together, that’s how we balance our hustle. Our culture is fueled by the kind of high-energy connections that build trust and grow friendships. Right now, we’re looking for passionate sports fans who want to build their career with a company that’s backed by the best.

If Roman’s work day sounds like your kind of challenge, we invite you to join us. Visit our careers page to browse open positions or reach out to to learn more.

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