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Day in The Life

Spotlight: Eileen O’Donnell, Head of Content Operations, Sportsbook & Online Gaming

Eileen’s BetMGM Value: Backed by the Best

The BetMGM team always strives to find a balance between quality and efficiency, and Eileen O’Donnell, Head of Content Operations, for BetMGM’s Sportsbook and Online Gaming group, is no exception. Eileen wears many hats but brings a level of detail, speed, and care to every project she works on. Eileen is a formidable leader both in the office and at home, where she excels as a mother of two and a dedicated soccer coach.

We sat down with Eileen to learn more about how she juggles up to ten projects at once, her impressive productivity on football days, and finding a healthy work-life balance.


Early morning: As a mother of two young daughters, mornings are quite chaotic! I take my youngest to daycare before heading to work, but we always stop at Dunkin Donuts first—iced French vanilla coffee for me, and bananas for her. It’s a nice daily treat for us. My older daughter is still remote for school due to coronavirus.

Commute: Due to coronavirus, I am currently remotely working. I can’t wait to get back to my morning drive and see my team!!! 

9 a.m./Team time: For me, mornings mean meetings. We always start with two meetings – daily marketing meeting— and our internal Daily Huddle—where everyone gets a chance to share what we’re working on and what’s on our plates. After that, my meetings get more specific. Some meetings are on user journeys and some are with our partners such as Yahoo! I also have a meeting with the sports trading & product teams once a week. During the few moments I have to myself, I read emails and check PM software—we use Asana to see if there’s anything coming up I should be aware of.

11:30 a.m./Lunch: My busy mornings don’t usually leave time for more than coffee, so by 11:30 a.m. I’m starving! I usually grab lunch downstairs at District Kitchen; it’s a new food hall downstairs at our office in Jersey City, and it always has great options.

1 p.m./Website updates: I spend my afternoons managing projects and strategizing how to optimize our content. On any given day, I’m on top of five to ten big projects, but things really shift into overdrive on big event days. When there’s a game on, my team has to constantly update the site, so we do a lot of prep work to mitigate that.

On big game and event days, we highlight the most relevant games via the site’s marquees, quick links and hero carousels. We typically feature parlays and boosted odds for events that will entice our users to place a bet. Army-Navy games always get people fired up. We also feature league logos and partnerships to illustrate the value and security in our brands.

4 p.m./Soccer practice: I usually leave work around 4 p.m., but I stay on email for a while afterward. Monday through Thursday I pick up my kids and bring them to soccer practice. I have been coaching for about six years now, and I love the opportunity to be involved with sports firsthand and to share that passion with the girls. We’re usually done by 8 p.m., then it’s home, dinner, family time and sleep.

Weekends with family: On the weekends, I find a balance between navigating and updating our product websites and spending time with my family. There’s always soccer to be played, and we have season tickets for the New York Giants, so we go to a lot of games, too.


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