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5 Hot New Career Opportunities Created by the Legalization of Sports Betting

In May, 2018 sports fans across the nation celebrated as the  U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, opening the floodgates for legalized sports betting from coast to coast. The industry immediately exploded, and a new era of fan engagement is upon us. As of this writing, 13 states have already legalized sports betting and 29 more are moving towards legalization.

Expert analysts across the country agree that the opportunity for investors, startups, and big corporations will prove enormous, and the American Gaming Association estimates that the industry could bring in some $8 billion in local taxes and add $20 billion to the GDP. (And that’s considered a conservative estimate!) What’s more, this new gold rush is creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs and driving exponential hiring in several exciting career areas—both in the online and offline (casino) space. Read on to discover how you can explore a fulfilling career in this exciting area.


The need for smart, groundbreaking technology to power this burgeoning industry is undeniable—social media, apps, online platforms, peer-to-peer betting exchanges—and that means practically endless opportunity for creative technology pros with a love of gaming. And while technology is the main force driving this gaming revolution, there is also a surge of opportunity in ancillary industries seeking to capitalize on this vast market.


There are currently thousands of new digital products in development designed to engage bettors in this rapidly expanding industry, including websites, apps, and new platforms. So the need for savvy marketers who understand sports bettors is poised to explode. Look for new roles developing relevant gaming content, predicting complex persona-based customer journeys, and tracking customer preferences and behavior.

Customer Service

As the fever for online sports betting continues to spread across the country, the number of eager, motivated bettors will soar—and so will the need for patient, service-focused professionals who can offer guidance, enhance their experiences, and encourage their engagement. It’s an exciting way to be a part of this new industry. Bring your customer-first mindset to grab a piece of the excitement.

Trading (Odds-Making)

Oddsmakers are, of course, the very heart of the sports betting industry. Sports-savvy individuals with a firm grasp of statistics and probability, combined with a strong understanding of how of the betting public is likely to behave, perform a critical role in attracting sports fans in what has become a new playing field of engagement, trust, and decisions based on monetary considerations.  

Trend Analysis/Risk Management

Like odds making, trend analysis and risk management lie at the core of the gaming industry. The numerical wizards that tame complicated statistical models are on the front lines of sports betting. Those with a passion for sports and a love of the numbers will discover a uniquely rewarding experience and job satisfaction not easily found in other verticals.


It takes a massive coordinated effort behind the scenes to power this new industry—and that’s where an array of both traditional and more niche corporate roles come into play. As the industry continues to grow, HR, finance, and operations professionals team up with specialists in compliance and legal to form the foundation for all the major players in the space. Now, with so much opportunity on the horizon, it’s easy to combine your love of sports with a more traditional corporate role to create the career you’ve always dreamed of.

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